Advanced 2-cylinder concrete crusher with 25% more power and wider jaw opening

The DEMAREC DCC 2-cylinder concrete crushers have been especially developed for demolishing the thickest reinforced concrete, such as viaducts, quaysides, and heavy foundations. The DCC concrete crusher works perfectly in combination with the latest model excavators as well as specialized ‘High Reach Demolition Machines’.

The concrete crusher has two pivot points, which ensures that the jaws have more torque to generate the maximum closing force. In combination with the newly developed DemaPower 2.0 cylinder and perfectly tailored jaw geometry, the DCC concrete shears produce 25% more force on average than similar shears. The DemaPower 2.0 system also ensures faster cycle times.

The hydraulic system is completely built into the frame and the cylinders are protected by very robust cylinder guards, so the hydraulics cannot be damaged during the work. A perfect jaw design ensures an optimal force closing curve so that the DCC always has enough strength until the jaw is completely closed. The DCC also has an extra-wide and deep jaw mouth.

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Working DCC-75                                           DEMAREC DCC-75 teaser

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DEMAREC DCC-75 by day                        DEMAREC DCC-75 by night


  • Optimal force closing curve
  • Robust slewing ring ensures it will survive even the heaviest demolition work
  • Double rotator motors or single piston motor ensure a high rotation force
  • Filters in rotator protect the rotation circuit
  • High penetrating force for cutting
  • Highly durable jaws
  • Perfect jaw geometry ensures the shears stay sharp for longer
  • Optimum cylinder protection
  • Hydraulic system completely protected by the yoke


Technical data DCC-75

Technische data 
Type  Weight Carrier weight Cutting Force Opening
DCC-75 6250kg 60-80 ton     200 t 1750 mm

Under construction

Technische data
Type  Weight Carrier weight Cutting Force Opening
DCC-20 1500 kg 14-20 ton 85 t 900 mm
DCC-25 1900 kg  18-25 ton 100 t 1000 mm
DCC-30 2400 kg 20-35 ton 120 t 1150 mm
DCC-40 3250 kg 25-45 ton 130 t 1350 mm
DCC-50 4250 kg 35-55 ton 150 t  1500 mm
DCC-65 5250 kg  50-70 ton  175 t 1600 mm